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Domain Hacks

  • The Art of Finding a Domain Hack

    While many domain names under .COM and country code top-level domains are already taken, domain hacks are a good alternative to express yourself on the web. Wait, domain hack? Does that mean something bad? No, according to Wikipedia a domain hack is "an unconventional domain name that combines domain levels, especially the top-level domain (TLD), to spell out the full "name" or title of the domain, making a kind of pun."

  • How Can I Find a Domain Hack?

    Domai.nr. Brainstorming names with their search engine is easy and once you found something available you can directly register your domain with iWantMyName by chosing us in their list of registrars.

  • Why Should I Register a Domain Hack?

    There are two main reasons to get a domain hack. First of all it's fun. Secondly it's easier to use them for sharing links on Twitter because they're mostly shorter and memorable. Going one step further you can even combine domain hacks and short domains. TechCrunch for example uses awe.sm for branded URL shortening under tcrn.ch and Amazon recently introduced their amzn.com short links for product pages such as amzn.com/books.

  • Hacking just means using using a bunch of readily available tools to make something cool-like modifying code to make things faster or using pre-existing platforms to build new website functions. In a way, modern hacking is just the newer, nerdier version of tuning cars to get more horsepower or training dogs to get drinks out of the fridge. But of all the hacks possible on the web, nothing is as accessible (or immediately gratifying) as a domain hack.


Four Steps Before The Blast


Use our contact information below to inquire about the desired name. See our list below for the list of names available.
While our prices are not negotiable, we are willing to take part in partnerships.


The payment for the purchased name should be made within 72 hours after the signing of the sale contract. The payment methods we accept are: Escrow, PayPal, Moneybookers, Western Union, Bitcoin, Litecoin.


The transfer of the purchased name should be initiated by the buyer on the registrar of its choice using the required authorization code. In some cases where this is no authorization code or when it is too difficult to change registrar we may choose to push the name on the current registrar to an account under the buyer's information.


With the domain name in your possession your are ready for cyberspace!


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  • activi.st
  • actu.al
  • annu.al
  • appe.al
  • ara.bs
  • armstro.ng
  • arriv.al
  • artifici.al
  • aspir.in
  • beatco.in
  • beginni.ng
  • bookers.co
  • brainstormi.ng
  • brig.ht
  • brny.com
  • burni.ng
  • callis.to
  • capit.al
  • captu.re
  • cardin.al
  • casu.al
  • chemic.al
  • chirurgic.al
  • cla.im
  • commerci.al
  • concer.to
  • cryst.al
  • cultur.al
  • deal.ly
  • diaspora.co
  • dil.ly
  • education.al
  • eldora.do
  • emaili.ng
  • encodi.ng
  • environment.al
  • ethic.al
  • everywhe.re
  • exerci.se
  • existi.ng
  • fantree.co
  • featuri.ng
  • financi.al
  • gen.re
  • gpl.us
  • gra.al
  • happeni.ng
  • healthca.re
  • includi.ng
  • individu.al
  • industri.al
  • information.al
  • insu.re
  • intellectu.al
  • journ.al
  • ladyb.ug
  • le.af
  • locally.net
  • lyric.al
  • materi.al
  • medicin.al
  • mega.mobi
  • mo.ms
  • moneytree.co
  • o-2.com
  • od.io
  • offici.al
  • optic.al
  • orator.io
  • outstandi.ng
  • parcel.net
  • poe.me
  • pepertu.al
  • physic.al
  • picle.com
  • profession.al
  • que.st
  • recla.im
  • sarca.sm
  • secret.me
  • smart.ly
  • softwa.re
  • spati.al
  • spiritu.al
  • squari.ng
  • startu.ps
  • stati.ng
  • sto.re
  • storytelli.ng
  • strict.ly
  • su.ms
  • sunri.se
  • ta.gs
  • technic.al
  • tumbli.ng
  • vine.me
  • walki.ng
  • webca.ms
  • whisperi.ng
  • zeitgei.st

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Matt Mullenweg of Wordpress acquires nav.al

Gawker acquires gaw.kr

Posterous acquires pstr.us

Wolfram|Alpha acquires wolfr.am

IDT Studios acquires con.do

Booking.com B.V. acquires bookings.jp and other "booking" domains

  • My own URL shortener: K.im Coming soon :-)

    — Kim Dotcom, founder of Mega

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    — Blake Irving, CEO of GoDaddy

  • Not everyone would consider moving domains a "life change" but it is to me. IÕm looking forward to many, many years at ma.tt.

    — Matt Mullenweg, Founder of Wordpress


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